Enea e Didone

Enea e Didone
for string orchestra and harp

Composed: 2023
Published: 2023, Panastudio/Casa Ricordi (Universal Music)
Orchestra: str; hp(1 or 2)
Duration: 4 min.

World Premiere:
15 February 2024
Chamber Orchestra of New York; Salvatore Di Vittorio, conductor; Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall

To Be Determined
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Commission for the Teatro Massimo Opera of Palermo and their concertmaster Salvatore Greco.

Program Notes/Il Programma
Enea e Didone (Aeneas and Dido) is an arrangement of the third movement “Canto d’amore: Enea e Didone” from Viaggi di Enea (Enea e Didone), for violin and orchestra – the latter was commissioned by the Teatro Massimo Opera of Palermo for the 30th anniversary of the orchestra’s concertmaster Salvatore Greco. This is one of several works by Di Vittorio dedicated to Virgil’s Aeneid, including Arias for Aeneas and a future symphony.

This music develops the Aeneas theme into a slow romance featuring the strings together with the harp. The published score and parts allow one or two harps.