Di Vittorio Debuts at Teatro Massimo Opera of Palermo

by | Mar 2, 2023

Salvatore Di Vittorio’s conducting debut with the Teatro Massimo Opera Orchestra at its opera house in Palermo was extraordinarily successful. The much awaited for performance was sold out one week before the concert date, between the evening’s featured artists including Di Vittorio also the commissioned composer dedicating his Viaggi di Enea (Voyages of Aeneas) to the Teatro Massimo and its concertmaster Salvatore Greco’s 30th anniversary. Di Vittorio also made a bit of history by showcasing John Williams’ Star Wars Suite in Palermo for the first time. The performance was truly stellar, and the conductor and orchestra found a home with their collective music making.

La Repubblica wrote “Viaggi di Enea (Voyages of Aeneas) is a beautiful, tonal and challenging work especially in the virtuosic finale, dedicated to the Teatro Massimo Opera Orchestra and for the 30th anniversary of their concertmaster Salvatore Greco. Entrusted by Respighi’s heirs, Di Vittorio’s program sheds light on Respighi celebrating 15 years of his published restorations under Panastudio / Casa Ricordi.” This was followed by an article in Giornale di Sicilia ““Commissioned by the Teatro Massimo of Palermo, violin solo of Viaggi di Enea (Voyages of Aeneas) has the role which in Berlioz’s Harold in Italy features the viola, where the hero’s identity recurs in each movement as a unified musical theme. With his prized restorations and recordings, Di Vittorio has been recognized among the principal scholars and interpreters of Respighi’s music.”

For photos: https://salvatoredivittorio.com/concert-photos/
For videos of this performance, visit Maestro Di Vittorio’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/salvatoredivittorio

Star Wars Suite: https://youtu.be/OxyDuSrqRAo