Panastudio & Di Vittorio Sign with Casa Ricordi

Edizioni Panastudio, a partner of the Chamber Orchestra of New York, and Music Director (composer) Salvatore Di Vittorio have Cristiano Ostinelli (General Manager, Casa Ricordi) with Di Vittoriosigned with the preeminent Italian publisher CASA RICORDI (Universal Music). Ricordi will act as exclusive manager and distributor for the boutique Palermo-based publisher Panastudio, and represent Di Vittorio’s published compositions and completions/critical editions of Ottorino Respighi’s early orchestral works under the Respighi Publications series.

The Respighi publications have been championed by the orchestra through world premieres in New York and recordings on Naxos Records. Di Vittorio, who is currently realizing works for the San Diego Symphony, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and the Teatro Massimo Opera Orchestra of Palermo, began the Respighi editions in 2008 after permission and support from the Bolognese composer’s great nieces and archive curator.

Following meetings in Milan Panasci - Di Vittorioand New York, Di Vittorio stated “It is such an honor, and very humbling for me, and my great colleague and dear friend Francesco Panasci (General Manager, Panastudio), to work with the publishing house that represents Monteverdi, Vivaldi, Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, and Respighi. The affiliation with Ricordi will help advance the Chamber Orchestra of New York’s legacy for its own contribution to the orchestral repertoire.”

To view Casa Ricordi’s catalog online, visit: Create a free account to access catalog.

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